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Becoming a mother for the first time can be not only an exciting experience, but it can be daunting. We all want the best for our baby, and with so many different baby products on the market it's hard to know which dummy is right for your newborn. You may have to trial a few different brands before you find the right dummy. Hopefully I can answer some of these questions for you. 

Can I give my newborn a dummy?

Bottle fed babies can have a dummy from birth. For breastfed babies it is important to establish a breastfeeding routine with your baby prior to giving them a dummy. Giving your breastfed newborn a dummy before they are ready may interfere with breastfeeding because the baby uses a different sucking technique. It is reccomended that breastfed babies can start using dummies from 4-6 weeks of age, this will allow them to develop the techniques they need to breastfeed successfully. Older babies can use a dummy anytime. 

What type of Dummy do I choose for my baby? Before choosing a dummy it is important that the dummy you choose complies with Australian Standards. All dummies within australia must undergo testing prior to them to be able to be used for a baby, this ensures the dummies are safe to use. Ensure your newborn's dummy is 100% BPA, PVC and Phthlates free. Some of the popular choices for baby dummies are latex, silicone and rubber. 

Tips for Choosing Baby Dummies

1. Use a one piece dummy, dummies that come in two pieces are a choking risk to your newborn.

2. If your baby is younger than 6 months choose a dummy that can be boiled or is dishwasher safe as they are more prone to infections.

3. Check the sizing guide when purchasing a dummy as dummies come in different sizes. You should see something similar to this;  size 1 (0-6 months), Size 2 (6-12 months), size 3 (18 months plus) In some cases your baby may not be ready for the next size up. It is reccomened that you should cease using a dummy once your child is 2-3 years old. Prologned dummy use may cause issues with your child's teeth.

How often should a baby’s dummy be replaced? Baby Dummies should be inspected prior to each use, if worn out or bite marks are visible, if the teat has swollen or it becomes sticky then then you need to repace the dummy. It is reccommended across the world that a baby's dummy needs to be replaced every 4-6 weeks regardless. Please see picture below as an example. The top photo is a dummy that has been used for 6 weeks, the bottom is a brand new dummy. You can see here that the dummy has expanded, this may cause your newborn to become unsettled. 

Some parents would prefer to support Australian designed and manufactured products. This not only ensures your newborn's dummies are safe to use as they meet Australian standards but purchasing Australian made dummies supports Australia's economy and small businesses within Australia.

CMC DUMMIES are the newest Dummies to hit the market. They are designed and manufactured in Melbourne, Australia.  They come with an air filled teat which prevents water and air flowing in and out of the teat. The teat has a bigger ball on top, making it easier for your newborn to latch onto the dummy. The teat has been formulated to be similar to a mothers nipple so it doesn’t interrupt your babies feeding cycle. Cmc Dummies also come with a cap so you can protect the dummy when not in use. I love these dummies as they are available in a wide range of colours


Cub & Bear Co are not only ethically and sustainably made, they are also biodegradable, which makes them better for the environment. Cub & bear Co dummies has a big shield that emulates the feeling and comfort of breastfeeding. They are 100% natural rubber coloured with food contact pigment. They are also free from BVA, PVC, Phthalates, parabens and chemical softners. Cub & Bear Co dummies come in blush or sage, they come in a two pack and in sizes 1, 2 & 3.


Natural Rubber Soothers are made from pure natural rubber from the Hevea Brasiliensi tree, grown in Malaysia. Natural Rubber soothers are also biodegradable, making them friendly for the environment. The shield is not cut out around the nose so it stimulates a breast and touches the baby's nose, this should not interupt breastfeeding. The shape of the teat has also been designed for breastfed babies. Natural rubber soothers are hygienic as they do not attract dust, dirt or bacteria. These are available in size 1, 2 & 3.

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