Hello World Rainbow Birth Announcement Pastel
Hello World Birth Announcement in Rainbow - Happily Ever After Boutique - Australia
Hello World Rainbow Birth Announcement - Colour Chart

Hello World Rainbow Birth Announcement Pastels

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Our Hello World Rainbow Birth Announcement  by Timber Tinkers are the perfect way to celebrate your baby’s arrival.  They come with enough room to write all the details of their birth. This unique statement piece is the perfect addition for your pictures, shelves or nursery.  They also create lasting momentos to pass down from generation to generation.


Specifications: This birth announcement disc is laser carved on a 3mm natural plywood and has a 3D effect.  Approx 14.5cm Width


Unique 3 Colour Rainbow - each rainbow is uniquely different and will vary in colour.


All natural finish items under 30cm are made from 3mm thick natural sustainable plywood.  

All coloured items (painted) are made from 3mm thick MDF board.

All items 30cm or larger are made from 4mm thick sustainable marine plywood.